Home of the Lions

Grade 3 Supplies

 See below for the Grade 3 Back to School Supply List

3 boxes of pencils


1 pencil sharpener

1 soft pencil case (Please do not buy the hard cases)

4 two pocket folders (1 of each color- RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW)

2 marble notebooks  (Please no Spiral Notebooks)

1 Pack colored pencils

4 dry-erase markers

2 packages of Post-its (3 in. square)

Pair of scissors

Package of glue sticks

Headphones* wireless preferred or earbuds (*school headphones will NOT be provided)

1 package of clorox wipes

1 package of baby wipes

**If you are in Mr. Appelman & Mrs Clark’s 3rd grade class please purchase everything except: pocket folders, notebooks, dry erase markers and scissors. Headphones are preferred*