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Physical  Education Update

Lincoln students spent February jumping their hearts out and learning new skills and tricks with jump ropes. If your child still has a difficult time with this activity, encourage him or her to jump rope for fun at home!  Jump Roping is a great activity because it improves bone density, cardiovascular health, improves breathing, coordination and is it completely portable and FUN!. 

February was also our fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  During the week of February 10th - February 14th, students celebrated heart health by competing in jump rope competitions and showing off their skills and tricks to their classmates.  Thanks to the generosity of the Lincoln School Community, we raised over $10,000 to help children and families living with heart disease and to assist with research so doctors can learn more about Congenital Heart Disease.  Bravo Families. 

We ended the month with Line Dancing.  Mrs. Dvorsack took a huge lead with bringing Line Dancing to Lincoln School and to say it was hit is an understatement.  We spent a whole week learning the steps to “The Cupid Shuffle”, “Macarana”, and the “Cotton Eye Joe”, to just name a few line dances.  

March will we focus on a basketball unit.  Basketball or bouncing skills are always a crowd pleaser.  The students will be introduced to ball handling skills, dribbling progressions, passing skills, shooting skills, and activities or games that implemented these aspects. We will also review passing skills, shooting skills, offense and defense strategies, and will participate in a variety of exciting basketball games. Our goal is for students to display good skills, teamwork, and an understanding of game rules during this unit.

If you have any Physical Education questions or need to get in touch with the teachers for any reason, please e-mail us at: