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We have just finished the Engineering Cycle in G&T. Third graders did an awesome job acting as Environmental Engineers and cleaning up their “oil spills” They also worked in groups and made slide presentations based on research of some of the major oil spills that have happened since the 1970’s. Fourth graders created packages for their plants and went on to improve their original designs. They also participated in a Pringles challenge where they created packages using limited materials and they were sent to another elementary school in Edison through inter-office mail. Their goal was to have their Pringle arrive without breaking and many of the students succeeded. Fifth graders dismantled old, donated technology pieces and turned them into new inventions and made commercial presentations displaying their creations. They learned about trademarks and patents and created their own trademarks for a product. ELA students will be starting the last cycle of G&T at the end of March where we will be working on Poetry, Shakespeare and Debates.