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Emergency Procedures



For various reasons the administration place the school in one of three lockdown operation modes. A lockdown is when all teachers and staff in the school lock themselves and their students into their classrooms. Yet, the circumstances responsible for such a decision will dictate the following types of lockdown procedures that will need to be employed:


General Lockdown: In a situation where there is no direct threat to the safety of the students and staff either in the building or outside of the building, but there is the likelihood of danger, this type of lockdown will be performed.


Lockdown Inside: In a situation where there is a direct or imminent threat to the safety of students and staff inside the building.


Lock down Outside: In a situation where there is a direct or imminent threat to the safety of students and staff from the outside of the building.



In the event of a fire or fire drill students and staff calmly evacuate according to the fire drill evacuation procedures and maps posted in each classroom next to the door (No student or staff members are permitted to stop or return to the classroom to get any personal items, including coats and jackets).



In the event of any crisis other than a fire, where it is determined that the building is no longer the safest environment for the students, we will employ the following procedures to evacuate the school: Students and staff will be evacuated according to school procedures. Notification as to when to evacuate will be communicated via intercom, e-mail, or messenger.



Parents of students with short term medical or health issues must directly notify the school verbally or in writing of such, particularly if the concern will exclude the student from any activity in school. Furthermore, if the parent wishes to exclude their child from school related activities due to a short term or pervasive medical concern, it must also be supported with recent and credible documentation by a physician.