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Third Grade:

Grade Level News:

Happy September! The Third Grade Team is looking forward to a fantastic school year! The first week of school we will be getting to know one another, learning how to work together, and using technology to enhance our learning. This year our goal is to promote a culture of readers, as well as foster independence and instill a growth mindset in our third graders. Please help us with these efforts by asking your child to talk about their reading, think for themselves, solve problems on their own, and never give up when they face a challenge!

In the area of Reading we are beginning with our first unit of the Making Meaning Program. “The Reading Community” unit involves reading fiction and narrative nonfiction. We will make connections, listen to and discuss stories, and build a reading community by learning how to have conversations with classmates. We will also learn procedures for Individualized Daily Reading. Our second unit will begin later in September and carry over into October. The “Visualizing” unit involves reading poetry and fiction. We will focus on visualizing to make sense of texts, using schema to make inferences, distinguishing a character’s point of view from our own, and discussing characters’ feelings. All of these skills can be practiced in your child’s reading each night at home.

In Writing, our Being a Writer program begins with “The Writing Community”. In this unit we will focus on building a caring writing community, get ideas for writing from read-alouds, and draft many pieces in a variety of genres. Our second unit will begin at the end of September. “The Writing Process” unit will focus on selecting drafts to develop and publish, revising drafts, proofreading for spelling and conventions, and writing final versions to publish. These units will set a solid foundation for our young authors!

Our third grade mathematicians will be working on multiplication and division. Unit 1 in our Investigations program is called “Understanding Equal Groups”. The students will understand that multiplication means “groups of” and will work to understand things that come in groups. We will also look at patterns and relationships between different multiplication facts. Try relating multiplication to everyday activities at home, making real-world connections is key to understanding! These are some great websites to have your child practice all of their math skills: xTra Math, www.sheppardsoftware.com and www.kidsmathgames.com. Not only are they great practice, but they are also super fun!!

Third grade is beginning a new Science program called Elevate. Our first unit focuses on Physical Science. In Topic 1, “Motion and Forces”, students will observe and measure an object’s motion, use patterns to predict future motion, identify forces acting on an object, and use evidence to explain how balanced and unbalanced forces affect an object’s motion. Our scientists will have many hands-on experiences to make these topics come alive!

We look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night!


The Third Grade Team