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Grade 3

March 2020
Third Grade Readers are wrapping up our fictional unit by inferring the mood of a story based on illustrations and text evidence. In our upcoming informational unit, students will work with the skills of main idea, utilizing text features, and finding the meaning of unknown words. In this new unit we will be studying the regions of the United States, the use of natural resources in our country, and we will practice using map skills. Read Across America has everyone motivated to read at home, as we will be working toward our school goal through the “Read-A-Thon”! Remember to log on with your child and log their reading sessions so that we can see Mr. Scully dress up in a funny costume! Any donations your family and friends are able to make through are greatly appreciated!

Third Grade Authors are currently writing Opinion pieces. During this unit we speak a lot about forming bold opinions. It is helpful for young writers to speak about their opinions and provide valid reasons. This will help transfer the use of evidence in their writing. In this unit students will be publishing essays about a topic of interest. Our authors will also focus on planning and writing an opinion piece in response to a text. Ask your young author what their bold opinion is and how they plan to support it with reasons and examples!

Third Grade Mathematicians are working on Unit 5, “Cube Patterns, Arrays, and Multiples of 10”. This unit focuses on the relationship between multiplication and division, solving multiplication and division word problems, and multiplying by multiples of 10. As we move to word problems, remember to VISUALIZE the problem as you read, draw a picture, then come up with an equation. We are still focusing on the meaning and structure of multiplication, however students are expected to learn ALL facts up to 10x10 by the end of this unit. Having multiplication facts memorized will be key to understanding not only this unit, but our upcoming units as well. Try making multiplication relatable by practicing with your child in real-world situations!

Third grade is happy to be piloting two new Science programs as well as implementing the current Science curriculum. Due to the variety in the grade level, our third grade scientists are working on several different topics depending on which class they are in. All programs will still cover the third grade science standards. We are also teaching health during our science block and will be focusing on drugs and medicine this marking period. Please ask your child what they are currently learning!

March is full of important events:

*Conferences (March 5th and 12th)

*Voting for the Referendum (March 10th)

*Pajama Reading Night (March 10th) 

*The NJSLA Infrastructure Trial (March 19th) Please make sure your child has working headphones prior to 3/19.