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Grade 2

Second Grade:

Grade Level News:

Welcome back to school! Second grade will be an exciting year filled with a lot of learning! Second graders have started using their chromebooks already! Please send in school supplies if you did not already do so. 

In reading, we will be learning to identify key details in texts. Students will make text-to-text connections and consider differences in the point of view of characters. They will begin Individualized Daily Reading (IDR) and learn procedures for selecting “just right” books. 

Our 2nd grade mathematicians are working on our Investigations Math program! In Unit 1, we will learn about Coins, Number Strings, and Story Problems. Please also help your child practice and learn their addition/subtraction facts. 

 In writing we are beginning our  Being a Writer program by explaining that the students will be members of a classroom writing community. Students will learn how to gather ideas for writing. They will begin writing stories about their lives through narrative writing. 

In science we will explore the basics of matter and properties of matter. We will be having a lot of fun hands-on science experiments!


The Second Grade Team