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Home of the Lions

Grade 2

March 2020

Spring is almost here! 

In reading and social studies we will begin learning about our town in our Edison Unit.  We are studying text and graphic features, main idea and details, author’s purpose, and sequencing!

Our 2nd grade mathematicians are working on solving story problems with unknown change, and an unknown start. We have learned and continue to use different strategies to solve word problems. We have been working with numbers to 100, and our next unit will be on collecting and representing data...

Please continue to help your child practice all of their facts in addition and subtraction.  It is also important to continue to practice different types of word problems, especially multi-step problems, and know how to show our work.

In writing we are continuing to work on our opinion pieces. This month students are learning how to express their opinion on a topic in a well formed paragraph and letter form, giving reasons and examples to support their opinions. 

In Science, our 2nd graders will be learning about The Role of Water on the Earth as well as Weathering and Erosion caused by wind and water. Be sure to view our school calendar for any special events and school closings this month.