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Home of the Lions

Grade 1

March 2020 
In March, readers are telling about the main idea and key details of nonfiction texts.  They are using pictures and other text details to help explain the key ideas. Students are also using text and graphic features to help them find information in a nonfiction text. 

     In writing, students continue to write pieces that include opinions and reasons to support their opinions.  Students consider home and school topics for their persuasive writing. Writers continue to revise and edit their pieces to strengthen their writing.

In math, students will understand, represent, and solve story problems involving addition and subtraction with an unknown change.  Students will also add and subtract within 20 to demonstrate fluency within 10. Furthermore, students will determine and consider notation (+, -, =) for equivalent expressions (e.g. 7 + 8 = 10 + 5).  

In Social Studies, students will continue to discuss how life was different before technology, and understand how technology makes life easier and continues to change.  Students explore reasons about why and how communities have changed over time. 

In Science, some classes will complete the unit on Light and Shadows by investigating how people use light to communicate.  Students will construct explanations and design solutions for people who use modern technology to communicate over a distance.  In other classes, we will continue to learn about the seasons and different types of weather. We will learn about how weather is measured and how weather changes throughout the seasons.  Some classes will also be learning about dental health. We will learn about the different kinds of teeth, the parts of a tooth, how to keep our teeth healthy, losing teeth, and going to the dentist.