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Grade 1

First Grade:

 Grade Level News:

he first grade learners will be busy this month establishing routines, getting to know each other, and adjusting to a full day program. Along with learning the classroom and school rules, we are studying about our roles as citizens within our community.

In Reading, we are building reading habits and identifying who we are as readers. We are building our reading community by learning to listen and share respectfully with partners. We are reading independently in the classroom and gradually building our reading stamina. Reading logs will be coming home for your child to keep track of nightly reading. At home, after reading together, have your child recall important details and answer questions about the story.

In Writing, we will be working on learning procedures for gathering for writing, including talking and listening to partners respectfully and responsibly. We will start writing narrative stories about ourselves. Our focus will be on making sure the pictures match the words. We encourage our writers to try their best by stretching out the words they need. Please help your student at home by accepting and celebrating kid spelling in their writing. It is important that your child can begin to read his/her own work.

Our first grade mathematicians will be counting and representing numbers in different ways. They will also learn a variety of addition strategies to help them solve word problems. At home, you can make real world math connections by having your child count and add objects around them. 

In Science/Health, we will learn about what being “well” means and identify self care practices that support wellness. We will talk about taking care of our bodies by exercising, eating healthy, and taking care of our teeth. Additionally, we will learn and talk about appropriate behaviors of being responsible members of a class community.


The First Grade Team